UnFinished International began on July 2012 when Brian and Christine Cloar traveled on a humanitarian mission trip. During that journey, Brian and Christine were introduced to the children of a local special needs school. What they discovered changed everything.

The school conditions were poor and in disorder. The school grounds and buildings were in disrepair. The children’s uniforms were sparse, torn, and tattered for those who had them. Children were merely managed rather than educated.

As Brian and Christine asked questions, they discovered that children with disabilities or special needs allowed to survive past childbirth were typically abandoned, ostracized from their communities, molested, and had no hope for a future. They had no access to food, clothing, shelter, medical care, or education. They could not survive on their own.

For the few children with disabilities or special needs who were taken in by grandparents, other caretakers, or kept by parents, caring for their child was difficult. Some children needed continuous care, which prevented caretakers from working. Other children were more independent, but due to community stigmas and beliefs, many caretakers who had time to work were not given jobs. This leads to a major financial strain. Families or caretakers often cannot afford basic essentials, medical care, or education, and their homes would fall into disrepair due to a lack of finances.


Seeing all of this firsthand inspired Brian and Christine to do something to CHANGE the situation. They wanted to bring HOPE to these children. They wanted to offer these children a FUTURE. It was on that visit where that dream became UnFinished International.

Brian K Cloar, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Christine Cloar, Ph.D.
Director of Education
Robai Imbali – Kenya
Lead Case Worker



We will do all things as an act of love for children with special needs and disabilities and their families.


We will empower, enable and encourage our people, teams, affiliates, and the communities in which we serve to operate effectively, efficiently and in the best interest of the children who need them.

Engage in Excellence

We will uphold integrity and the highest standards in all endeavors; persistently learning, training and refining while building a strong sense of compassion, excitement and ownership.

Trusted Stewardship

We will manage resources with wisdom and efficiency as we carry out our mission.

UnFinished International

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