Restoring hope to children in impoverished areas with special needs, their families, and society through education, empowerment, sustainability, development, and love.


UnFinished International has the vision of a world where children with special needs and disabilities in impoverished areas receive equal opportunities, inclusion, and consideration.

How we do it

Step 1

Identify and locate children with disabilities and special needs in villages and other impoverished areas

Step 2

Work with villages, schools, and other organizations currently established in the area

Step 3

Empower children and their families to break down current social stigmas through education, training, love, and hope

“Disability is not Inability”

Why We Do It


Stacy was born with a deformity in her arms called, Phocomelia, an extremely rare congenital disorder involving malformation of the limbs. Because of this, Stacy is not allowed to attend a “normal” school. Stacy’s brain functions perfectly and she is an incredibly bright little girl. If Stacy had been born in the United States, she would be in a regular school. However, Stacy was born elsewhere, and since she is not “normal,” she is relegated to one of the few special schools in the country. Stacy will be taught basic skills and given a rudimentary education before finishing the equivalent of an Eighth Grade education and endeavoring to make a life from there. Her education comes from a system full of struggles, which makes her success all the less likely.


Anne is a six-year-old little girl living in the village. Her parents abandoned her, and her grandmother is raising her along with her brother and sister and their cousin on nothing but a six-foot by ten-foot garden. Most nights, all of them go to bed hungry. There is a school close to Anne’s village, but they would not accept her due to a disability in her legs preventing her from walking, so Anne had never been to school.

UnFinished International was able to help change all of that. She has now started her education and boards at a school which gives her an actual bed to sleep on and three meals a day for the first time in her life.


Kevin lacks the use of his legs. He is not supplied with a wheelchair and he has to pull himself around on the concrete to follow the group throughout the school grounds. There is absolutely nothing wrong with little Kevin’s mind. However, he is reduced to this life because of the stigma on special needs and disabled children in the developing world.

Kevin’s grandmother is his sole provider. Kevin’s mother left when Kevin was born, and it was discovered he was disabled. Kevin’s father passed away and shortly after that Recho was left to raise him on her own. They live here in this small mud hut behind her with no real source of income. Kevin is now fully supported and attends school without many of the worries that once plagued the lives of him and his family.

Our Partnerships

UnFinished International will begin in Kenya and partner with organizations already working in the Western Kenya area such as CABDA and SERVE Academy for funding, training and security assurances. The team will work in close collaboration with Serve Progressive Academy; one of the top rated schools in Kenya established in Vihiga County.