What We Do

Identify and locate children with disabilities and special needs in villages and other impoverished areas

Work with villages, schools, and other organizations currently established in the area

Empower children and their families to break down current social stigmas through education, training, love, and hope

Where We Began

UnFinished International began on July 2012 when Brian and Christine Cloar traveled on a humanitarian mission trip. During that journey, Brian and Christine were introduced to the children of a local special needs school. What they discovered changed everything.

The school conditions were poor and in disorder. The school grounds and buildings were in disrepair. The children’s uniforms were sparse, torn, and tattered for those who had them. Children were merely managed rather than educated. However, there is more.

As Brian and Christine asked more questions, they discovered that children with disabilities or special needs, if they were not killed by parents, they were typically abandoned, ostracized from their communities, molested, and had no hope for a future. They had no access to food, clothing, shelter, medical care, or an education. They could not survive on their own.

For the few children with disabilities or special needs who were taken-in by grandparents, other caretakers, or kept by parents, caring for their child was difficult. Some children needed continuous care, which prevented caretakers from working. Other children were more independent, but due to community stigmas and beliefs, many caretakers who had time to work were not given jobs. This leads to a major financial strain. Families or caretakers then cannot afford basic essentials, medical care, education, and homes too were in disrepair due to a lack of finances.

Seeing all of this first hand inspired Brian and Christine to do something to CHANGE the situation. They wanted to bring HOPE to these children. They wanted to offer these children a FUTURE. It was on that visit where that dream became UnFinished International.


Our Programs

Life Development Program:

The Life Development program works to improve the lives of children with special needs or disabilities by providing opportunities that would otherwise not be made available. We work to assist and educate not only the children, but also their families and communities.

It begins through direct student sponsorships and generous donations. Each child is given food, clothing, safety, shelter, medical care, and an education. Through the partnerships with local Special Needs Schools and Mainstream Schools, children are then evaluated and placed in the best environment for their care, education, and family support. Educational opportunities on proper care for the children are offered to caretakers during every school break. We also work with the communities each child is in. It our hope to break social stigmas within their communities to better the future for these children and their families. It also allows the child and caretaker the opportunity to take what they have learned and educate their communities that disability is not inability.


The 9:9 Project is a safe house for our students that are orphans or girls in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, abandonment and orphanhood are too common among the special needs population in impoverished areas. These children are often bounced around between unwelcoming family members and strangers. Sadly, many girls with special needs are frequently victims of abuse and molestation. Boys are at risk for becoming “street kids” and entering a life of unlawfulness.

All children deserve a safe place to call home. UnFinished International is working to build and staff a home to care for and protect our most vulnerable students. The organization’s immediate goal is the purchase of a vehicle, house, and property in Western Kenya. Once purchased, we will staff the house with a well-trained team of caregivers. This offers children a much needed opportunity to develop in a caring and safe environment in which they can call home.

Home Improvement Program:

Many of the families supported by UnFinished International live in remote villages in small mud houses. These homes have no electricity and no running water. Living conditions are often primitive and subject to deterioration from weather, especially during the rainy season.

Each home and its facilities are evaluated for structural safety. Once each home has been properly evaluated, we work with professionals to determine the best process for coordinating community help for the families. We also educate families on how to perform maintenance and repairs so they can do so in the future.

We currently are coordinating the rebuild of a house and bathroom facilities for three families. We are working closely with village chiefs and community leaders to engage them in assisting with supplies and labor for these projects. UnFinished International fills the gaps unmet by the impoverished communities to ensure lasting quality.

“Disability is not Inability”