The Power of Five

Change the World

Most people think they cannot change the world. The thought of doing so almost never crosses a person’s mind. The idea of global change usually involves visions of large sums of money, trips overseas, or great sacrifice. What if we told you that you could impact the world for as little as $5 a month?

What Does $5 Buy?

  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Glass of Wine
  • Matinee Ticket

UnFinished International
Power of Five Program

$5 a month provides a foundation to support the education and basic needs of a child with special needs or a disability.

Plant a Seed and Change a Life

How it Works

While $5 alone can actually make a difference, collectively it can do so much more. That’s where the Power of Five is activated. Your $5 a month is an influential means to restore hope. However, when yours is combined with other’s it begins to gain power. For example, if ten people give $5 a month, that supports educational endeavors for one child. However, if 1,000 people give $5 a month, your $5 becomes $60,000 a year, and that is a world changing amount of power!

YOU Can Change the World!

The thought of being a part of something that changes the world may have never occurred to you. As you have become familiar with UnFinished International, the idea of changing the lives of children with special needs and disabilities may have seemed impossible to you. “How could someone like me do anything to help with something like that?” “I cannot afford anything significant enough to make a difference.” As you can see, you can. Even the smallest effort can make a difference. We all spend $5 a month on things we don’t need. Here is an opportunity to use the collective Power of Five to restore hope to those who need it most – to change the life and world of a child.