Our dream is to empower children with special needs and disabilities in the developing world.

We work in impoverished areas to cultivate sustainable options and to see hope restored to children, families, and communities across the world. We do this by working with the national governments and partnering with local communities, schools, and organization actions already operating in the area.

UnFinished International Sponsorship Program

$50 a month provides an education and basic needs to a child with special needs or a disability.


To help break the chains of poverty, children in the UnFinished International program are provided an empowering education not currently available.


Where possible and based on the level of need or disability, children are moved into “normal” schools in attempts to change social stigmas related to misconceptions associated with disability.


Partnerships with international and local organizations operating in the area focused on sustainable options bring the entire family into the UnFinished program. From clean water to vocational training to health care and beyond, we work toward a holistic restoration for the children and their families.


We do all things as an act of love for children with special needs and disabilities and their families as a way to restore hope and a future to their lives.


Why do we work with children with special needs or disabilities in the developing world? There are many reasons such as a lack of support and resources similar children and families have access to in developing countries. Deep in a village there is a child dreaming dreams that may only come true if someone steps in to help. We are called to be that someone. However, we cannot do that without you.

“I will go down if you will hold the rope.” ~ Andrew Fuller