Empowering children with special needs and disabilities living in poverty in the developing world.

Children with special needs in poverty-ridden areas of developing nations are the most marginalized group in society worldwide. Many of these children have no birth record, so there is no practical way to account for the number of births, or deaths, for these children every year. They are born into a society that often does not understand or want them so their prospects are bleak. For those that are allowed to survive past birth, many are abandoned. Those who have a home are often hidden away out of fear and shame. Children deemed disabled by their society are often also deemed worthless.

These children, especially girls, often live a life of rejection, neglect, abuse, molestation, and servitude. With a strong social stigma for being cursed, insignificant, and unable to ever provide anything for the home, the children are most often uneducated and medically uncared for. With bleak prospects and little hope, UnFinished International was born to help Restore Hope to these children and their families.

Restoring hope to children in impoverished areas with special needs, their families, and society through education, empowerment, sustainability, development, and love.


UnFinished International envisions a world where children with special needs and disabilities in impoverished areas receive equal opportunities, inclusion, and consideration.


Since 2016


Children provided with an education, medical care, and hope

Students rescued from unsafe home environments

Homes assessed for structural integrity

Gardens Planted for sustainability

  • 8 children receiving an education for the first time
  • 17 children in Special Education based schools
  • 3 children moved into integrated schools
  • More children are in need of safety but access to these homes is severely limited
  • Learn more about our efforts to build a safe home for more children through the 9:9 project
  • One home completely rebuilt
  • Three homes in need of new sanitary facilities
  • Families trained on home maintenance
  • Seedlings planted and families shown how to cultivate their gardens
  • Produce supplies sustenance and marketable opportunity for each family

We believe we are all “unfinished” and with the right education, training, medical care, love, and hope, these children and their families can experience change one life at a time. This change will create stabilization from the child to the family to the community to the region and ultimately the world.

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